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Fitness Class


Most of our classes will be uploaded to YouTube. If we aren't able to upload our classes there, we will upload them on this website!
Strength Thumbnail1.jpg
Let's Move Strength

The Ultimate Barbell Workout! A full hour strength class for the entire body; the best way to get into shape, burn tons of calories and feel energized!

Strength Rapido Thumbnail3.jpg
Let's Move Strength Rapido

SAME as Let's Move Strength, but now EVERY muscle-group is being used in a way shorter amount of time! (around half an hour) Sound easier, but by using just a bit more weight, this can be just as intense!

Spinning Thumbnail1.jpg
Let's Move Spinning

Indoor Cycling for fanatics! Ongoing beats will take your heart-rate up for a full hour to burn around 700/800 kcal!

Spinning Rapido Thumbnail2.jpg
Let's Move Spinning Rapido

Shorter, faster, loads of variety and definitely a tougher workout than the full hour Spinning classes... But, hey! They pain will last shorter!

Fight Thumbnail1.jpg
Let's Move Fight

Push yourself to the limit with this fast-paced, energetic Mixed Martial Arts Workout! You'll be doing loads of jabs, uppercuts, hooks, frontkicks, roundhouse kicks, sidekicks and knees; ENJOY!

Abs Thumbnail1.jpg
Let's Move Abs

Tight Six-packs are made here! Takes only 10 minutes in which  we'll surprise you with a lot of variety and increasing intensity!

Steps Thumbnail1-glow.jpg
Let's Move Steps (Choreo + Cardio)

Either go for a mind-challenging Step Choreo class or a body-challenging Step Cardio class, both will push some part of you to the limit! Anywhere between 30 to 50 minutes!

Cardio Thumbnail1.jpg
Let's Move Cardio

Intense, Insane, Extreme and Exhausting! But... Just short enough to get you through it! This HIIT Training isn't for the faint-hearted, but we will show you options to get through it no matter your Fitness Level!

Total Body Thumbnail1.jpg
Let's Move Total Body

Short on time, but want to workout everything? Look no further! Half an hour + 2 hand-weights (and yes; two bottles of wine are fine, too!) are all you're going to need for these fast-paced and fun classes!

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