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Why exists, how I got here and who I am...

Lars Meesters

Group Fitness Entertrainer

As long as I can remember I've always been out to run, workout and find challenges.

17 years ago I started working as a fitness instructor at the biggest gym in Leiden, the Netherlands. They gave me the opportunity to learn how to teach pretty much every class on their schedule and I was hooked! The energy from the class, uplifting music and smiles all around!

Besides being a Personal Trainer (went to London to pass my exam for ACE Personal Training) I've continued teaching pretty much every possible class you could imagine, including Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Steps, most of the Les Mills classes and so forth; and still do till this day!

Since one of the gyms I teach at wasn't allowed to use Les Mills classes anymore, I decided to make my own version; and... Everybody loved it!

Since it takes A LOT of time preparing these classes I really wanted to share all of my routines online; that's where YouTube came in! (and just my luck that I've been learning a lot about editing songs and music production, so I could easily edit songs to be exactly the speed and length I needed them to be)

Although I wasn't happy with my first video, somebody convinced me to upload it anyway and to take a look at other people's YouTube videos. One thing that blew my mind; the audio on pretty much every single video was horrible! Especially played out loud in a room! (even for some of the bigger fitness channels) So I tried and tried until I found a way to make BOTH the music and the sound of my voice loud & clear! You'll hear the full bass, awesome vocals and whatever instrument used in these songs, while still being able to hear my voice on top (and please let me know if you're not satisfied with any of my videos' volumes/mixdowns, I'm sure there's always something I can improve!)

Like everybody who tried uploading a lot of videos with music to YouTube; you'll soon find out that a lot of songs aren't allowed to be used on YouTube.

Since then I check every song I might want to use by uploading it as a private video to YouTube, then put them in a "YouTube Safe" folder and start making my classes.

This works 90 % of the time, which I'm totally happy about! But the other 10 % stil means A LOT of rewriting, re-recording and longer waits for new videos to come out even though they're finished and recorded...

So... Here's my solution! All the classes that I records will end up on this website; both the videos you can find on YouTube AND the ones that should be able to be uploaded to YouTube, but in the end get blocked anyway.

I will definitely keep on using YouTube for a long, long time, but really wanted a back-up for the classes that you otherwise never would've seen...

Thank YOU for joining me on this site and following my class(es) and making all of this possible!

Lars Meesters

Your Sports Entertrainer

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