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Lars Meesters Let's Move Fitness Classes


Abs at Home.jpg

A totally NEW Strength class every 3rd Monday of the month

Live Classes

Join us on zoom on Monday 20th of May (Whit Monday) at:
7:00 PST/West Coast USA
10:00 EST/East Coast USA
15:00 GMT/UK & Portugal


Click the zoom-link below in the minutes before the class starts and use the password: 3323
Meeting-ID: 823 3194 8940


Newest classes

Down here you will find the latest 3 classes uploaded to this website:

Strength #36 (Australian)

Spinning #27

Strength #08 Rapido (70's)

Show Your Appreciation

Pretty much all the hour-long videos take at least 15 man hour to put together, mix, film and edit. (only) When you can spare it and you want to give something back to the team, here's how:

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